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Metallographic Services
From simple microstructure evaluation to comprehensive failure analysis, Anderson Laboratories is your choice for premium metallographic testing services.  Since our early beginning in 1939 when our primary efforts revolved around foundry and casting materials, our efforts have greatly expanded to address metallurgical issues from manufacturing, mining, nuclear, agricultural, petrochemical and other industries.

Our complete metallographic laboratory includes image analysis for the determination and evaluation of grain size, inclusions, graphite morphology, ferrite measurement, plating thickness, decarb layer and dendritic arm spacing.

Heat treat evaluations, both micro and macro hardness surveys, microstructure evaluations and other process controls are performed on a daily basis.

Our experienced staff is qualified to perform simple to complex failure analyses.  The use of Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) to identify defects within a structure is one of the many tools employed in this process.

Please Contact Us for more information regarding this and other material testing services that could be beneficial to your organization.

ASTM A890/A995 Grade 4A Duplex Stainless Steel Casting Etched Microstructure at x500. ASTM B30 Grade C83450 Leaded Brass Etched Microstructure at x200. ASTM A536 Grade 604512 Ductile Iron Etched Microstructure at x500.
Service Information Downloads Regarding Metallography
Metallographic Analysis
Degree of Banding Image Analysis
Dendritic Arm Spacing Macroetching
Depth of Decarburization Macrostructure
Detrimental Inter-Metallic Phases Microetching
Ferrite Determination Microstructure
Grain Size Porosity
Failure Determination
Fractographic Failure Analysis Non-Destructive Evaluations
Microstructural Failure Analysis  
Industry Standards
ASTM (American Society for  DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung)
   Testing and Materials)      • DIN 50602
     • ASTM A247 EN (European Standards)
     • ASTM A561      • EN 1321
     • ASTM A604 JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards)
     • ASTM A800 (4.1.3)      • JIS G 0555
     • ASTM A923 (A,B,C) SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)
     • ASTM B390      • ARP 1820
     • ASTM E3      • ARP 1947
     • ASTM E45  
     • ASTM E112  
     • ASTM E340  
     • ASTM E381  
     • ASTM E407  
     • ASTM E562  
     • ASTM E930  
     • ASTM E1077 (7.2 & 7.4)  
     • ASTM E1181  
     • ASTM E1268  
     • ASTM E2109