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Failure Analysis Services
From the point of initiation to the root cause and mode of failure, we provide you with detailed information regarding the factors contributing to failure in your products and components. Using fractographic, metallographic, image analysis and SEM techniques, factors such as grain size, porosity and inclusion content are determined.  Our comprehensive failure analysis report typically contains positive material verification data obtained through additional chemical and mechanical testing.

We have experience examining the following types of failures: heat treatment, torsion, bending, fatigue, overload, wear, corrosion, forming, casting, plating and welding. Meeting ASTM, EN and ISO industry standards, we offer you timely results based on your needs.

Please Contact Us for more information regarding this and other material testing services that could be beneficial to your organization.
Service Information Downloads Regarding Failure Analysis
Metallographic Analysis
Degree of Banding Image Analysis
Dendritic Arm Spacing Macroetching
Depth of Decarburization Macrostructure
Detrimental Inter-Metallic Phases Microetching
Ferrite Determination Microstructure
Grain Size Porosity
Failure Determination
Fractographic Failure Analysis Non-Destructive Evaluations
Microstructural Failure Analysis  
Industry Standards
ANSI (American National EN (European Standards)
   Standards Institute)      • EN 1321
ASME (American Society of JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards)
   Mechanical Engineers)      • JIS G 0555
ASTM (American Society for  Norsok (Qualification of Manufacturers
   Testing and Materials)    of Specific Materials)
     • ASTM A247      • M-650
     • ASTM A561     
     • ASTM A604  
     • ASTM A800 (4.1.3)  
     • ASTM A923 (A,B,C)  
     • ASTM E3  
     • ASTM E45  
     • ASTM E112  
     • ASTM E340  
     • ASTM E381  
     • ASTM E407  
     • ASTM E562  
     • ASTM E930  
     • ASTM E1077 (7.2 & 7.4)  
     • ASTM E1181  
     • ASTM E1268  
     • ASTM E2109