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Mechanical Testing Services
Anderson Labs provides clients with a wide array of mechanical testing properties such as tensile and yield strength, % elongation, % reduction of area, impact strength and hardness on both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.  Proof load testing of assemblies and components is also available. Capacities range from ounces to 200,000 pounds in tension and compression and up to 400 ft-lbs in impact energy.

We have a successful history serving foundries and forging houses, as well as a wide variety of other professional industries, such as automotive, military and construction. Our mechanical testing services comply with ASTM, ASME, ISO and EN testing standards. Testing capabilities include full reporting and documentation as well as on-site analysis. 

Please Contact Us for more information regarding this and other material testing services that could be beneficial to your organization.
ISO 148-1 compliant impact testing machine   ASTM E23 compliant impact testing machine
Service Information Downloads Regarding Mechanical Testing
Mechanical Testing Services
Bend Vickers Hardness
Compression      • Macro
Charpy Impact      • Micro
Brinell Hardness Load
Leeb Hardness R & N Value
Rockwell Hardness Tensile Strength
     • Macro Percent Elongation
     • Superficial Percent Reduction of Area
Knoop Hardness Yield Strength
Applicable Industry Standards
ABS (American Bureau of Ships) DNV (Det Norske Veritas)
AMS (Aerospace Material Specification) DOD (Department of Defense)
ANSI (American National EN (European Standards)
   Standards Institute)      • EN 148-1 (Supersedes EN 10045-1)
ASME (American Society of      • EN 148-2 (Supersedes EN 10045-2)
   Mechanical Engineers)      • EN 148-3 (Supersedes EN 10045-2)
     • ASME B & PVC Section III       • EN 4136 (EN 895)
     • ASME/ANSI NQA-1      • EN 5173 (Supersedes EN 910)
ASTM (American Society for      • EN 50125
   Testing and Materials)      • EN 6892-1 (Supersedes EN 10002-1)
     • ASTM A370      • EN 9015-1 (Supersedes EN 1043-1)
     • ASTM A923      • EN 9015-2 (Supersedes EN 1043-2)
     • ASTM A956      • EN 9016 (Supersedes EN 875)
     • ASTM B578 Norsok (Qualification of Manufacturers
     • ASTM E8    Manufacturers of Specific Materials)
     • ASTM E9      • M-650
     • ASTM E10 PED (Pressure Equipment
     • ASTM E18    Directive (97/23/EC))
     • ASTM E23 SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)
     • ASTM E190  
     • ASTM E290  
     • ASTM E384 (Supersedes ASTM E92)  
     • ASTM E517  
     • ASTM E646  
Products/Materials Analyzed
Aluminum Iron
Brass & Bronze Alloys Lead
Brazing Alloys Magnesium
Carbon, Alloy, Tool & Stainless Steels Monel
Cobalt Base Nickel Base
Copper Base Plastics, Polymers, Rubber
Elastomers RoHS Materials
Ferro-alloys Tin
Hastelloy™ Titanium
Inconel™ Tungsten