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 Specialty & On-Site Testing Services
We are able to leverage the experience of our personnel in meeting your unique, customized testing requirements. We have a well-equipped machine shop capable of producing test fixtures for any part configuration and interfacing it with our test machines. Load testing of components to design specifications and "proof" loading are commonly performed. Examples of unique testing include load cycling of lifting devices for hospital patients, drop weight testing on wheelchair seats, testing electronic message displays under thermal and corrosion cycling and determining the distortion pressure of pump flanges.

Portable hardness, magnetic permeability, electrical conductivity, as well as other specialty tests can be performed on-site employing numerous analytical techniques.  Positive Material Identification (PMI) testing with our portable analyzer can assist in the verification and sorting activities of your materials.  On-site SCWI/CWI welder qualification witness service is also available to meet your weld specification requirements.

Please Contact Us for more information regarding this and other material testing services that could be beneficial to your organization.
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Testing Processes
Abrasion Testing Environmental Simulation
Adhesion Testing Ferrite Determination
Cleanliness Evaluation Hardness Testing
CWI (Certified Welding Magnetic Permeability
   Inspection) Services
PMI (Positive Material Identification)
     • Welder Qualification Polymer Analysis
     • Weld Inspection Product Durability
     • Weld Hardness Peel/Creep Test
Electrical Conductivity Visual Inspection
Industry Standards
AMS (Aerospace Material Specification) DNV (Det Norske Veritas)
ANSI (American National DOD (Department of Defense)
   Standards Institute) EN (European Standards)
ASME (American Society of MIL-Specification
   Mechanical Engineers) NAVSEA (Naval Sea Systems Command)
ASNT (American Society for Norsok (Qualification of Manufacturers
   Nondestructive Testing)    of Specific Materials)
ASTM (American Society for      • M-650
   Testing and Materials) RR (Rolls Royce)
AWWA (American Water TARDEC (Tank Automotive Research,
   Works Association)    Development, and Engineering Center)
AWS (American Welding Society)